GK Solar System provides full services in solar panel installation; we were offering quality Solar System for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural sectors to be powered with clean and cost-efficiently.

We educate, you decide!
Our task is to meet the energy needs of our customers and provide the best solar solution for your home. We will go over all of your questions, from projected savings estimates to discussing the solar financing and purchase options that will work for you. Team of seasoned engineers will design and build a high quality and reliable solar power system. What’s important to you is important to us, and we are committed to working with you in designing the perfect system to meet your needs. For your solar system project life-cycle and after installation we will provide seamless support and assistance for maintenance.

We're on a mission

We‘ll explain to people and promote necessity of solar energy, initiate them to install solar as much as they afford it. Every homes and industries should have to use their own solar energy not need to depend on anyone.

Our Vision

GK Solar System was founded with a vision of lowering the cost of energy to all Indians, using quality and efficient solar product.  Have to shutdown hazardous energy producing methods like, Thermal plants and nuclear plants. By 2050 get rid of all the EB line and its towers which is always troublesome.


Our team of seasoned engineers will design and build for your energy needs a high quality and reliable solar power system.Our professional  includes Electrical Engineers, Electronics Technicians, Electricians and other skilled persons - all sharing a passion for renewable energy solutions.

We have installed grid-connect, Off power systems throughout Tamil Nadu for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial clients and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can improve your situation with renewable energy applications.