Supreme features coupled with excellent performance have resulted in GK Solar Pumps making a distinctive mark in the pump market.  Available in the range of 1 HP-100 HP, GK Solar Pumps offer 40% more discharge as compared to other ordinary pumps.

  • Proven motor, pump and motor control and solar PV maximum power point technology for a reliable and fail-safe operation
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning Turnkey Capability  for solar pumps either direct or through our channel partners
  • Easy to operate, Simple to install, No maintenance, Value for money, Attractive paybacks.

The scope of the work and specifications:

1) P V Modules as per MNRE/IEC specifications

  1. a) 3 HP -  Minimum 2700 watts capacity
  2. b) 5 HP -  Minimum 4500 watts capacity

2) Motor Pump set with 5 stars rated (Surface or Submersible)as per MNRE specification. AC induction Motor pump set with a suitable inverter

3) Electronics: Solar inverter/VFD with remote monitoring facility as per MNRE specification

4) GI mounting structure with manual tracking facility as per MNRE norms arrangement for seasonal tilt angle adjustment and three times manual tracking in a day should be provided. The suitable foundation shall be provided to withstand for high wind speeds as per MNRE norms.

5) HDPE pipe of 6Kgs/sqcm and 63mm OD-PE 100 grade of 100 feet length. The cost of over and above 100 ft length shall be collected from beneficiary/farmer as per SSR rates i.e. Rs.91/-  per meter length of HDPE pipe and Rs.83.60 per meter length of electrical cable.

6) The submersible cable of 3 core 2.5 flat cable as per ISI standards of 120 feet length. The cost of over and above 120 ft length shall be collected from beneficiary /farmer as per SSR rates.

7) A good reliable switch suitable to operate the system will be provided with the Motor pump set.

8) In general, at a total head of 50 meters, the 3 HP pump set shall deliver 57000 liters per day and 5 HP pump sets 91000 litters per day.

9) An operation and manual in English and Telugu languages shall be provided with information about solar PV pump set, tracking system, mounting structure, electronics, switches, DO's and DONT's, regular maintenance and troubleshooting of the pumping system. Name and Address of the person or centre to be contacted in case of failure or complaint and warranty card shall also be provided.

Important Information

1.The Best Standard Price followed by our GK Solar System.

  • 5 HP AC solar pump set system:Rs.4,90,000
  • 3 HP AC solar pump set system:Rs.3,20,360
  • 5 HP DC solar pump set system:Rs.5,40,000
  • 3 HP DC solar pump set system:Rs.3,84,015

2. The cost system will cover.

  • Solar panels of appropriate size
  • High-quality ISI pump-set
  • Transportation of all equipment's to beneficiary site
  • Mounting structures & civil works as required at the site
  • Electrical cables
  • Water pipes of different sizes, up to 100 feet depth
  • Cost of installation and commissioning
  • Charges for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for 5 years
  • Insurance premium for 5 years
  • All taxes as applicable
  • All other accessories, please refer to the technical specifications for details.

3.The cost will be borne by Two Types, as follows

 Case-1: Beneficiary funded pump-set  

MNRE would provide Rs.32, 400 per HP for AC pumps & Rs.40, 500 HP for DC pumps for 3HP & 5 HP pump-sets. Remaining costs will be borne by the farmer.

The following table provides the cost estimates.

Type of pump-set MNRE subsidy(A)Beneficiary contribution(B) Total
3 HP AC solar pump-set97,2002,23,1603,20,360
5 HP AC solar pump-set1,62,0003,28,0004,90,000
3 HP DC solar pump-set1,21,5002,62,5153,84,015
5 HP DC solar pump-set2,02,5003,37,5005,40,000

 Case-2: Additional Finance from other Govt. Departments

The Departments like ITDA, Agriculture, Horticulture etc., may provide additional financial assistance for the Pump sets in addition to the MNRE subsidy so as to reduce the burden on the beneficiary/farmer.4. If the solar pump-set is funded by through the scheme as mentioned in Case-1(through beneficiary funding model) the ownership & title will lie with the farmer. If the solar pump-set is funded through the scheme as mentioned in Case-2, then the title & ownership will lie with the respective Agencies.5. The farmer will be responsible for the safety & security as the system is located the premises of the farmer. Secondly, the solar pump-set is utilized to supply water to the farmer only, so the beneficiary would be the guardian of the system. Thirdly, the insurance does not cover any kind of physical damages caused to the solar panels, pump-set or the associated equipment due to negligence and /or mollified intentions. The farmer has to take adequate precautions such as fencing the area to keep cattle or stray animals away from the system.6. Technical feasibility will be granted after a joint inspection of the farmer's premises/land by a team of GK Solar & TNEB officials. They will inspect various things such as

  • Availability of 270/450 sqft shade free land for 3 HP/5 HP system
  • Willingness of farmer to forego agricultural use of the land
  • Depth of water table (Between 150-200 feet depth from ground level)
  • Distance from the coastline(At least 20 km straight line distance from the coastline)

7. The solar panels & associated pump-set are based on advanced technology that requires minimum manual intervention. The system operates automatically when the switch is pushed on manually. Therefore no dedicated operations personnel is required. However, the solar pump-set would require routine cleaning of the panels that can be attended by the beneficiary. As per the requirements, the supplier company will open service centres and will recruit technicians for every district. The cost of the system covers AMC charges & insurance charges for first 5 years.Thereafter the cost of servicing, maintenance, and repair, insurance has to be borne by the farmer. It is advisable (but not mandatory) that on completion of 5 years AMC, the farmer extends the AMC period at his/her cost. In a few words, the company which has supplied /installed the solar pump-set will be responsible for maintaining. The farmer does not have to pay anything up to 5 years period, but will have to bear any charges (as applicable) thereafter.