Getting Started

Choosing a solar energy company is an important decision. By choosing SunSolar as your solar energy consultant, you can be sure you will receive unparalleled service from an extraordinarily experienced company with a solid and unique international footprint. Highly qualified teams of experts in the field will steward you through the process involving extensive consultation when necessary, always with an eye on any and all concerns and questions you might have or discover in the process. Our goal is always a new and bright custom-made solar energy future for you.

GK Solar manages everything you will need to power your home with solar energy, from system design to installation and world-renowned high-end monitoring.

It’s now easier than ever to get started:

Step 1: Free Consultation

Every home is unique, so we start by studying your energy needs and savings goals. We will review your energy usage and evaluate your home for solar exposure. GK Solar will provide an initial estimate of how generating your own solar power with your own solar system will lower your energy costs.

Step 2: Proposal

GK Solar will prepare a clear and comprehensive proposal for you including recommended system size, location, services, pricing and complete financial analysis. We identify all existing government incentives, utility rebates and tax credits that can significantly improve your financial investment. You can become a solar power producer for as little as ₹0 down or you can prepay for some of your electricity in advance to lower your ongoing monthly payments. There is also an option to fully prepay for your solar electricity and system, eliminating any concerns about monthly bills. As there are various ways to finance your system, we will help you identify and choose the appropriate option to suit your individual lifestyle and needs.

Step 3: System Design

High-end performance relies on accurate design. Our world class engineering team will design your solar power system to optimize your cost benefits ratio, custom tailored to your home's architecture and your family’s energy needs. GK Solar provides the finest quality solar panels made, manufactured to generate the highest performance possible for you and your solar system.

Step 4: Installation

GK Solar's commitment to you in our attention to detail and the quality of our installations is and has always been the hallmark of our business and reputation. This begins with the quality of all of the equipment involved in your system, continues through the quality of our engineering of your system maximizing on cost and efficiency, and extends to and through the unparalleled quality of our installations. Highly experienced professional installation teams have always built all of our systems to extremely high standards unmatched around the world.

Residential installation projects usually range from a few days to one week, depending on system size and complexity. We will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure minimal disturbance to you and your family. As a turn-key solution to your energy needs, we directly oversee and manage all permits and inspections involved. Your and your family’s uninterrupted connection to the utility grid and personal safety is always our number one priority.

Step 5: Monitoring

Once your solar system is installed and your solar powered future has arrived, GK Solar will monitor your system performance 24 hours a day to ensure its efficiency and to ensure that its production characteristics are not disrupted. You yourself will be able to access your system production at any time - online or through any of the mobile devices you may be using.