Main Highlights

  • 30% Subsidiary available for Roof Top solar power plants in Domestic usage.
  • Experienced Engineers plan and design Solar power Plants according to your energy needs.
  • The longest warranty coverage in the industry also guarantees the performance of your system.
  • Quality Solar Panel Products with MNRE Approval.
  • We provide Three years Free Maintenance and Monitoring services.
  • We provide best EMI Finance Plans for Domestic and Commercial Customers.


Lower Your Electrical Bill

Installing a solar system will dramatically reduce your utility bill. The amount you save depends on the capacity of your solar system and your electricity usage. GK Solar System will custom-design your solar system based on your current electricity usage so that your continued electrical use will fall to the lowest possible tier price.

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One-Stop Shop

Working with GK Solar System provides many advantages. The most important is peace of mind. We at GK Solar System respect and value your time. We make it effortless for you to ‘go green’. We custom design and engineer your GK Solar system. Our comprehensive service includes direct management of any and all permits and community association permission approvals when necessary, follow-through on all rebates and tax credits, and 24 hour monitoring for the life of the system - we handle it all. GK Solar System makes it easy and simple to go solar with our one-stop-shop and our full turn-key service.

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Competitive Pricing

GK Solar System offers highly competitive pricing for your solar system. The most advanced technology has made easier and cheaper solutions possible for collecting solar energy and generating power. Building easy-to-use systems producing power is now available to any resident or property owner. Energy savings, cost savings, convenience and ground-breaking environmental stewardship have all now aligned to make the future of solar power an affordable reality.

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